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Though we show many beautiful stone sink styles our galleries and collections, perhaps you haven't seen exactly what you're looking for - but don’t worry! Chances are one of our artisans can create the perfect custom, made-to-order kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bar sink, tub, natural stone sink, onyx sink, granite sink, marble sink – you get the idea. We work with over a hundred artisans and smaller studios that go far beyond creating a “designer sink” – these are true artisan created sinks and are generally made specifically for our clients’ design and budget requirements.

Many of our sinks are signed by the artist and offered in limited quantities. We have built a reputation for offering the unusual, the unique and for turning your ideas into reality.

Since our sinks and bath furniture are often made to order, why not get exactly what you want? When you’re ready to discuss your project, please give us a call at 1-877-340-0800. We will guide you through the process for creating a stunning one-of-a-kind sink, pedestal, lighting, bath furniture or other functional art piece that will set your home apart. We make the process easy, personalized and enjoyable.